Globe Thistle in Chilham

There’s a beautiful village in Kent called Chilham. It’s essentially the perfect, idyllic Kent village and extremely photogenic. It’s so utterly Kent that one gleans a great sense of satisfaction having visited, as if a big checklist on the essential visitor’s to-do list has been ticked off.

I took this shot back in 2009 during one of our many visits. For some reason I’ve always loved it. It’s been earmarked for use in some web project for years but remains unused.

Globa Thistle, Chilham Cottage, Chilham Chilham Church Chilham Castle Gatehouse Cottage, Chilham Cottage, Chilham Cottage, Chilham This photograph below was rather randomly featured on the cover of Inline magazine, a local Kent publication. Here's a copy of the issue: Chilham Castle Obligatory animal shot. Emu, Chilham

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