Windows Server - The Worst Drug of them All?

I spend a lot of time working on Windows Server. I consider myself particularly well versed in the art of procrastination, and yet, I stand back in awe at quite how adept it is at wasting my time.

Like an addiction, I am unable to leave it alone. You see, it fools you into thinking you're doing valuable work. Then you realise, you've just spent 24 hours solid coming up with a solution to an issue of which you can no longer remember the cause.

I wish I could approach my code with such an unwavering resolution not to fail! That is where the seduction of Windows Server lies. It dangles the opportunity of a life simplified, in exchange for a little investment of time. Like all delicious pleasures in life, a blindness to the reality of the consequences is all consuming.

I spent the best part of my weekend shunning such pleasures as; sustenance, going to the loo and basic hygiene, in the pursuit of backup nirvana. A veritable orgy of on and off site volumes, physical and virtual, all engaged in bacchanal storage pools, narcissistically mirroring and replicating themselves wherever and with whomever they can. Sexy, sexy stuff, I am sure you will concur.

The initial idea behind this post was to share with you, the revelatory PowerShell script I painstakingly crafted to automate what seemed like a vital and time consuming task. Alas, whilst going over it, with the aid of the raw clarity of hindsight, it became painfully apparent that I had grossly overcomplicated the task.

Therein lies Windows Server's inherent duplicity. The solution to your problems is just one simple PowerShell script away. One need only employ their masterful Google search lexicon and the inspired blog post with an expertly redacted solution is bound to be within one's immediate grasp. Until you realise you've fallen down the rabbit hole and read countless posts which have sent you on immeasurable, seemingly relevant and enlightening tangents, until finally, you've got no idea what the bloody hell you've done.

You've somehow made it work. Not only that but you're under the illusion you've actually improved on the methods outlined in your reference material. The feeling of triumph makes it feel all worthwhile. This simply must be shared on a blog no one actually looks at, just because! Invariably, cruel, rational reality triumphs and you realise you've wasted additional time writing a pointless blog post which contributes absolutely nothing.

And yet, perversely, I rather enjoyed the whole process.

Clyde Kent

Editor and contributor to what I hope will one day be a compelling blog full of content.

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