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I was tasked with giving the design of jimgrundy.co.uk a refresh. It's a site which exists to expose the artwork of a colleague of mine. I was responsible for the ageing original design so I was very familiar with the subject matter.

jimgrundy.co.uk - home

Having spent the past couple of years drowning in code and markup with the design of the new version of Eos, I wondered if I could approach the design jimgrundy.co.uk from a more creative angle. Having access to the Adobe Creative Cloud offering, I decided to see what tools were available. Enter Adobe Muse and more specifically at the time, the Adobe Muse Responsive Design Preview!

Working with Adobe Muse was both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand you're able to design websites entirely visually which is incredibly freeing. Up to a point. Unfortunately you just can't beat the level of control that writing your own markup and stylesheets affords you.

Nevertheless, the cross-browser visual fidelity of Adobe Muse designs is nothing short of miraculous in my eyes. Moreover, whilst the Adobe Muse Responsive Design Preview was somewhat of a glitch-ridden nightmare for a while, the CC release is a pleasure to work with.

Would I use Adobe Muse again? Only for the simplest of web design projects. Whilst I delivered the desired design using Muse, overall it didn't save me any time. Furthermore, I'm going to have to move away from Muse to integrate a content management system which, had I gone down the traditional route, would have been a lot easier.

jimgrundy.co.uk - bio - tablet

Adobe Muse's shortcomings aside, I am pleased with the final design. It is clean and simple. It allows for the artwork to speak for itself. It is responsive and looks and works great on every class of device.

jimgrundy.co.uk - work - phone

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