A dear friend of mine, James Elmer, has recently turned his hand to a spot of film-making and to a very important subject indeed, the constant threat we face from ignorance and complacency! James has kindly agreed to allow me to host his work on my blog whilst it is being refined. Finally something of interest for you! ;-) On that note, I hand you over to Elmer.

...Thank you, Kent! ;)


The aim of my blog posts is to explore the concepts of how and why certain ideologies proliferate and how they persist so perniciously over just a few years or millennia. All via the power of language and fear, with no empirical or demonstrable evidence required.

This is my first attempt at a foray into the world of video editing to convey my feelings and thoughts on a subject that I feel is highly damaging and counter-productive to humanity; the brainwashing of children and adults alike to serve the unhinged desires of those in power who wish to control these cults/religions, directly or indirectly for many different reasons. I realise the video needs tidying up a bit (or at least any future video's will be tidier, I hope!).

Historically, more often than not, the outcomes of these desires by heads of religion or government have been malevolent in nature and serve no purpose to progress humanity in a civil and rationalised manner.

This initial video is a montage of various footage from groups and faith schools across the world, which seek to ensure the ideologies of these religions [mind viruses] persist through the malleable minds of the young and vulnerable. I am also interested in how these ideologies have caused humans [of all ages] to block out external information, which contradicts the fundamentals of these religious narratives contained within 'bubbles' of irrationality that cannot be questioned or easily untangled [otherwise known as cognitive dissonance]. Most will, obviously, want to subconsciously or consciously protect this 'bubble' for many reasons - some reasons are rational and some not so!

I realise most reading this will already be aware of everything I have set out in my thoughts above and the overarching message contained within the video below - possibly/hopefully agreeing, and, therefore, I am just 'preaching to the choir' as-it-were! Well, at least I hope [for the sake of humanity] that this is the case! If not, then just invoking a modicum of mental self-inquiry will be a good step, I feel.

To summarise; what I am trying to convey in this slightly [at times] abstract and 'trippy' video, is the negative influences these dogmatic and narrow ideas of life and the universe have on people. The way these ideas shut down and impede proper scientific inquiry - quite often, twisting factual scientific information to align with their own ideologies. As a civilisation we have spent thousands of years trying to progress from our infancy - dancing and chanting around camp fires to invoke favourable weather conditions to a point where we are now only just stepping away from that mentality.

Despite the technological and societal progress we have made, we are still at risk of being dragged back into those cesspits of unpleasant and myopic ideas. This can be seen happening across the world as religion declines and begins the hideous and bloody transition into its 'death throes' - it is said that an animal can be at its most dangerous when it has reached this stage. Many world leaders (religious or not), are in favour of religiosity, as it keeps the [already] religious happy in a 'numbed' and distracted state; more keen to focus on what other consenting adults get up to in their private lives or whether the other schisms of the Abrahamic faiths are threatening their particular version they were indoctrinated into. They play out the equivalent of a children's playground game of 'who's imaginary friend is more powerful or more accurately interpreted'...except, as many are aware, in reality this is played out by launching missile attacks, ambushing others with machetes, AK-47's and any other means to attack or instil fear instead!

As with many of these 'outlets' of information, some may find it boring, interesting or just be indifferent. Others may be overcome with rage, that their 'bubble' of tangled ideas and irrationality is being 'poked'!

...I hope to achieve the latter ;)

James Lee

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